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LuxEYE is an innovative start-up online business founded in 2020 and established in Turkey by Mohamed Mounir, an Egyptian entrepreneur. We are different from other marketplaces. We are keen and ready to offer a luxurious service, product and special experience for our customers. Building trust with our customers and partners is our target. LuxEYE is guided by four principles: customer-centered rather than competitor-centered orientation, passion for invention, commitment to operational excellence, and long-term vision. 

Our Story

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At LuxEYE, we empower small and big business owners to build global brands by selling their products through our marketplace used in over 10 countries around the world and this one of our targets. We are seeking for a partnership with famous marketplaces to deliver their products all over the world, especially in countries where it does not exist. With LuxEYE, we look forward to offering our customers splendid, competitive prices as the satisfaction of our deluxe customers is basically our target.

It provides luxurious products and services through both LuxShop and LuxEYE channel on YouTube. As a beginning, we sell exquisite unisex and women clothing with which we hope we can gain the support and appreciation of our customer.


Mohamed Mounir >
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I've always been an ambitious person. I am just a dreamer and I totally believe in my dream, LuxEYE, which has become true. I have always been betting myself to fulfill my dreams; and I do believe that: ''If you have a dream, you can make it and you can always make things happen with some passion, dedication and hard work''. Now, as a small business owner, I seek for making LuxEYE a big store that can compete with big marketplaces one day and then a large channel with an influential future. 


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